Why this mature JavaScript library is still more popular than ever!

On the ever-changing landscape of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and other UI widgets, nothing stirs more controversy among developers than jQuery.

It’s become nothing short of a religious inquisition among a handful of zealots within the technology community. …

Why ZendFramework 1 Is Still Better Than Laminas

I’m part of the global community of developers who have been using ZendFramework since almost the very beginning.

My first experience with ZendFramework was around 2008, a few years after Zend had released it. In 2011, I got some deep hands-on experience…

TIGER: Advanced Easier Webservices You Can Use Today

I’ve been programming computers since the 1980s. In that time, I’ve seen and used a lot of languages and technologies that have come and gone. I watched as the web blossomed with new features, like browsers exchanging XML data asynchronously. Today we call this Asynchronous JavaScript and XML data exchange…

Why PHP Is More Popular and More Hated Than Ever

Once again I find myself swimming against the current of pop-culture to deliver a reality check most of you reading this are not going to want to hear: PHP, the bastard-child of programming languages, is more popular than ever!


Beau Beauchamp

An enterprise-class UI/UX full-stack web application architect and senior developer with over 20 years of experience developing scalable apps. BeauBeauchamp.com

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